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Der Untermensch

"The subhuman"

The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team has faithfully translated this infamous Nazi text from the original versions printed in both the German and Russian language. The purpose of this translation is for readers to understand the methods in which the Nazi propaganda machine would seek to dehumanize the victims of its  genocidal actions.

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Beware the Jewess


On the foremost line next to Jews stood Jewesses, the armed heroines – gangsters, partisans and prostitutes all rolled up into one person. They are trained and tasked to turn European women into subhuman beasts just like them!






In contrast to European women! We see the healthy energetic peasant woman of Bulgaria, the noble women of Spain, majesty and charm of Italian women! →

The honesty, decency and beauty of German girls all this was intended to be destroyed and to erased from the face of the earth.  



Female subhuman






      Save us fate! From this kind!


Aryan motherly Pride!






                               Women like her must become the mothers of Europe! →



Children of the Soviet State


These photographs reflect the situation of children in the Soviet State!

All this is the result of the Jewish politics regarding families. The sea of bitter children tears, which cannot be dried even through hundreds of years.

 ← In the photo:


Above to the left - terribly dirty, with the eyes of a corpse, exhausted Soviet child


Right below - this covered with the scabs of mud a small essence – a victim of the misery, introduced by Jews.


Below - these 10 years old starvelings - the children of Soviet hell, they are brightest indictment against the monstrous inhumanity



Yet we appreciate and value the mothers of nations of man. We respect in them as the eternal source of unfading life.

We know that motherhood is the highest happiness in the entire world and we believe that any young woman from an Aryan European family will carry out her mission with great fervor. 


In each of the photographs the happiness of the mother is the same, be it  in Switzerland, Holland, Croatia or Denmark.


    From this misery         We want to protect our children!





The fate of the youth, and family in the Soviet paradise






European family & children



Children are the very soul and dignity of the European people.  Family is a treasure, from Germany to Valencia.






Elderly subhuman



Life is terrible for the young in the so-called Soviet paradise, but even worse is life for the elderly! →




Elderly Aryan Grandmother










 ← We want to know that our mothers, after many years of work, will enjoy a calm and relaxing retirement.



We have heard a lot about the hard life in the Soviet Union. However, much still remains hidden behind the blood-red curtain. Millions of soldiers of Europe glanced over this curtain recently as they desperately battled for home, family and their beautiful motherland.



               This is what they saw in those thousands of pitiful hovels.


                                       In the photo


In the center - Soviet citizen rummages in the dirty garbage, on the road in order to find at least

some piece of bread. And so he lives day by day, from the hand and into the mouth. He never knows what tomorrow has prepared for him.


Below - people are in the dirty clothes, in mud and (an insect which bites and sucks  blood). Instead of the comfortable house, shabby walls with the posters of Soviet propaganda.



The European household


In contrast the European house is a place of culture and cleanliness.

In the photo:

In the center - when you see a European peasant women, then you one cannot fail to notice that incomparable difference between European and Soviet paradise”, with respect to a family way of life and situation of children

Below - these little-ones breathe with fresh air under the affectionate sun rays.

The hand of their powerful state takes care about them. The happy fate waits for them, they are guarded from that life, which is in the Soviet Union, awaits these children.



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The original printed versions of the pamphlet "Der Untermensch"  Berlin, 1942 DHM, Berlin Do 56/685

Special thanks to  Hermann Feuer for his work on the German translation, and to Bulat Sultanov  for his work with the Russian language version.



Copyright: Carmelo Lisciotto   H.E.A.R.T  2008



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