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Would like to give our special thanks to the following individuals and organizations.





Muzeum-Miejsce Pamięci w Bełżcu (Belzec Memorial Museum)

ul. Ofiar Obozu 4

22-670 Bełżec, Poland

phone: 0048-84-665-25-10; fax: 0048-84-665-25-11



The trustees of the Genuine ARC website www.deathcamps.org


The US Holocaust Museum & Memorial

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW
Washington, DC 20024-2126
Main telephone: (202) 488-0400
TTY: (202) 488-0406


Yad Vashem
The Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
P.O.B. 3477
Jerusalem 91034 Israel



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