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The Eichmann Gallery



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Josef Reznik testifies at the Eichmann Trial
462 X 580
60 KB
Letter from Eichmann pressuring for harsher measures against Vienna Jews
686 X 800
108 KB
Nazi's in Vienna - Eichmann is among them
800 X 511
82 KB
Photo of young Adolf Eichmann with his classmates -Eichmann is third from left on bottom
424 X 280
40 KB
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Red Cross Travel document with the name of Ricardo Klement alias Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann
582 X 800
79 KB
Report on Eichmann's experience and qualifications within the NSDAP
606 X 800
162 KB
Spectators at the Eichmann Trial
788 X 582
134 KB
View of the courtroom with Eichmann behind protective glass
420 X 584
50 KB



















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