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Georg Michalsen  







Georg Michalsen fragebogen

Georg Michalsen was born Georg Michalczyk, in Wendrien on 13 September 1906. Michalsen had been an accountant in Oppeln and he joined the SS on 10 January 1932.


He was one of the SS members of Globocnik’s staff who was employed on building SS Strong-points in the East, such as Thomalla, Hofle, Claasen , Dolp and Hantke, Michaelsen was based in Riga.


Cover to Michalsen report

Michalsen become one of the staff who worked for Odilo Globocnik’s Aktion Reinhard staff, and was involved in the deportation actions in Warsaw and Bialystok. He accompanied Hofle when they visited Adam Czerniakow at the Warsaw Judenrat building on 22 July 1942. He was a key figure in the “Ghetto Clearance Commando.”  


Michalsen was charged to oversee incoming transports and would often personally conduct operations in the field.


He was one of the SS officers caught along with Globocnik, Wirth and Hofle, when they were captured by a British patrol on 31 May 1945.


In 1961 when war crimes investigators closed in on him, he was living in Hamburg with his wife and eighteen year-old daughter. It was reported in the press at the time as saying, “During the war I was a soldier and sometime I worked in administration.”


When interrogated by the British he was careful to leave out any mention of serving in Lublin.









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