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Einsatzgruppen Operational Situational Reports 

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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 113


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

October 15, 1941

50 copies
36th copy

Einsatzgruppe D

Location: Nikolayev

Superstructure, organization, and work of the partisan groups, sabotage troops, and Party groups in the area of Nikolayev


Special Cases

a) Partisan movements

1) In the course of identification work in the municipal hospital in Nikolayev, the Jew Hershko Salomon, who had reported there for treatment of an injured jaw, was identified. The thorough interrogation of Salomon revealed that he had been a member of a parachute, counter-intelligence and assault battalion that had to destroy German parachutists.


Prior to the occupation of Nikolayev by German troops, the battalion was dissolved and broken up into separate partisan groups according to the instructions for partisan was from the commander of the Russian northwestern front. One of the groups to which Salomon belonged retreated in the direction of Kherson and fought German troops, in the course of which 43 German soldiers were killed. Salomon was injured in the Jaw in that battle.

3) During the examination of so-called prisoners-of-war, it became clear that the Jews Pinchovsky, Shoichert, and Shoshelevsky had been members of a partisan company numbering 120 men who had operated between the Red Army and the German lines near Novy-Bug and had been scattered.


The members of the partisan company did not wear uniforms but were equipped with one gun and 45 rounds of ammunition. They had been hiding together, apparently with the intention of establishing contact with other scattered partisans.












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