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Einsatzgruppen Operational Situational Reports 

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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 26





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,

July 18, 1941

34 copies
(23rd copy)

Police Unit - Tilsit
reports that so far 3302 persons were liquidated in the course of the cleansing operation on the other side of the former Soviet-Lithuanian border.

Einsatzgruppe A

Location: Pleakau [Pskov]
As the German troops marched in, most of the Jews fled to Russia and into the surrounding forests. Most of the cases of arson in the town are committed by Jews. As the German troops marched in, they found some 60 totally multilated Latvians, whereupon 80 Jews were liquidated. Police prefect Matsch has taken the liquidation upon himself. The former Latvian judge, Alexander, was entrusted with the management of the local criminal police. He is under the control of the Security Police. He was instructed to choose capable people among the former active Latvian police officials and to give them criminal-police tasks.

Einsatzgruppe B

Location: Minsk
Einsatzgruppe V
Location: Zviahel (Novograd Volynskiy)















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