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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 27





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,

July 19, 1941

(23rd copy)

Einsatzgruppe B

Location: Minsk

A meeting of the commander of the Rear Army Area 102 with the higher SS and Police Leader has resulted in complete agreement concerning our further activities.
The rear security divisions attached great importance to cooperation with the security police.

Liquidation continues daily. If they are not caught red-handed [in some dereliction], persons are liquidated according to lists. It has been repeatedly observed that Jews escape into the forests now and try to hide there. The employed White Russians have shown little activity so far. It has been explained already to Dr. Tschora what is expected from their support, particularly concerning the cooperation in the apprehension of Communists, officials, commissars, intellectuals, Jews, etc.

EK 8
Location: Baranovichi
With the Vorkommando to Slutsk and Lachoviche. Special action [Sonderaktion] was carried out against 60 Communists.

Einsatzgruppe C

Location: Zhitomir

Zhitomir had a population of 90,000, of which about 30% were Jews, 15% Poles, the rest Ukrainians, and about 4,000 Volksdeutsche. Now there are approximately 40,000.
Zhitomir is heavily damaged by arson committed by the Russians. The population greets the Germans as they march in.

Einsatzgruppe D
Location: Piatra-Neamt














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