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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 140


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

December 1, 1941


57th copy

Einsatzgruppen A




In all, 67 people were executed between November 6 and 20 1941. In the course of a special action on November 20, 1941, 855 persons were killed, and 6,624 Jews were shot by Sonderkommando 1b in Minsk between November 7 and 11, 1941.

At the request of the 18th Army, the Kommandos of the Security Police and the Security Service took part in the registration of persons of German blood. It was carried out by the troops and the command posts of the Security Police. The problem of registering and providing better treatment to the racial Germans scattered throughout Ingermanland (1) has been referred to the military command posts by the Security Service.

Large-scale acts of sabotage have not been confirmed. In isolated cases, Russian wooden houses in towns and vilages went up in flames for unexplained reasons.

(1) Area to the southwest of Leningrad.

















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