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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 25



The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,  

July 17, 1941


34 Copies

(23rd copy)

Einsatzgruppe D


Location: Piatra-Neamt




Location: Belzy

We must be aware that a Rumanian major from Jassy delegated by the Rumanians will arrive. For the time being, administrative business is carried out by a suitable personality who has connections with the EK and was delegated by the  local Kommandatur. Before the arrival of the local Kommandatur, the commander initiated some preparatory measures fro the reopening of the supply factories. These measures are being continued by the local Kommandatur.


During the past days and nights, considerable excesses were carried out repeatedly against Jews by Rumanian soldiers. The number of Jews killed cannot be established, but might, however, reach several hundred. On the evening of July 10, Rumanian military authorities rounded up some 400 Jews of all ages, including men, and women, in order to shoot them in retaliation for attacks on Rumanian military personnel. Fault was found, however in the lengthy technical planning.


Following the wish of the commander of the 170th Division, the Rumanian commanding general restricted himself in the last moment to the shooting of 15 male Jews.


Rumanian police gather up the Jews who are capable of working, and keep them under arrest. These Jews are also used for clearing and cleaning jobs {removing rubble, etc}.


Before yesterday in accordance with the wish of the commander of the 170th Division, about 70 hostages were arrested. This number is to be increased to 200, in order to protect the army against repeated insidious attacks that have occurred. A few hostages were shot as retribution for the attack on a German army car in a suburb of Belzy. All the leading state and party officials have fled.


Interrogation of various Ukrainian in the P.O.W collection centers has demonstrated that they all had joined the war without the slightest enthusiasm and they awaited the Germans as their liberators. They had been told by the Russian soldiers that the Germans would shoot them in case they were captured, but as they knew how their fathers had been treated as German P.O.W's in World War 1,they realized that these were only lies of the Red Rules.

Other sources also confirm that many Ukrainians kept away from actively resisting the German advance.









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