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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 184


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

March 23, 1942

65 copies


51st copy


Einsatzgruppe A


From Lithuania

1.) On March 14, 1942, 22 Poles were arrested in Vilnius for having falsified large numbers of food ration cards and for offering faked cards for sale. Armed prisoners of war were arrested recently near Yanova.

2.) The Security Kommando, deployed for the pacification of that area, arrested armed prisoners of war on the Santakai farm. One Russian prisoner of war and one Jew were killed during a fire fight. The search has not yet been completed.

3.) On March 13-14, 1943, four more Poles belonging to a large partisan group were arrested from the area of Pabrado. A teacher, Peter Schmirzki from a factory in Drushiany, is among those arrested; he is a leading member of the above mentioned group.


From Byelorussia

1.) On March 17, in Ilya, east of Vileika, 520 Jews were shot.

2.) During street checks, 11 people were arrested in Minsk for refusing to work and were brought to the SS work camp.
3.) The General Commissioner has announced a salary raise as of May 1. This is because of the continuing deteriorating mood within Byelorussian intellectual circles and the present salaries which are below the minimum living wage; a teach receives a monthly pay of 500 rubles, a physician 300 rubles.


On March 18, 1942, 23 people were arrested in Minsk. Among them were five Jews with forged passports, one NKVD agent, one former NKVD official, and one Soviet first lieutenant who had escaped from a POW camp some time ago.


Einsatzgruppe D

Location: Simferopol


1.) In the area of Dzankoy alone, 241 Jews who had recently come there were arrested. 437 more were shot in other parts of the Crimea. IN these activities the system has shown itself to be very effective. The village elders etc. constantly report to the Kommandos or Teilkommandos about strangers.

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3.) Because of the special situation, Feodosia was searched three times. A quarter of the town is to be searched within the coming days. The searches, conducted on March 5, 19, and 23, 1942 with the help of 350 soldiers were more successful compared to the large-scale actions carried out in the towns.


Arrested were:


66 Jews, 28 members of the NKVD (among them were two judges and three political commissars) and 27 partisans, one of which was a battalion commissar and several were officers of the NKVD.


During the time covered by this report, 2,010 people were shot, of them 678 were Jews, 359 Communist officials, 153 partisans, and 810 asocial types, Gypsies, mentally insane, and saboteurs.


In addition, a number of Jews and Jewesses were arrested and shot in Orel. They had engaged in Communist propaganda in a particularly impertinent way and incited against the German army in a distasteful way. In the course of the searches, the German canned food provisions were found that originated from Army supplies and, according to our understanding, were given to the Jews by soldiers.
















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