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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 61





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,
August 23, 1941

48 Copies
(36th copy)

Einsatzgruppen D

Location: Ananyev

Harvesting Action


The kolkhozniki started to bring in the harvest on their own initiative. The population, almost without exception, showed itself extremely willing to work. Only in Babchinzy was there some resistance to an orderly harvesting caused by the instigation of Jewish inhabitants and some Jews who came to this area a few months ago.


By spying on the population, these Jews had already created the basis for numerous deportations to Siberia. As a countermeasure, 94 Jews were executed.


The population was visibly relieved by these measures and hardly knows how to show its gratitude. This measure, as well as protecting the population from looting Rumanian soldiers, which was necessary in many cases, led to the fact that the population put absolute confidence in the Germans. This is reflected by the number of people reporting for work.

In Yaruga, for example, 940 people out of a total of 1,200 inhabitants are occupied with bringing in the harvest.


Conduct of the Rumanians


In different places on the second bunker line west of Yampole, looting Rumanian soldiers were intercepted. Plans are being considered for the use of this material by the German troops in Yampole.

Rumanian troops in quest of plunder have moved in with Jews in Borovka and looted from there. The Rumanians were apprehended and handed over to Rumanian officers.


Looting Rumanian soldiers were also apprehended near Sokol and Yelenovka and delivered into the hands of Rumanian officers. It was also possible to apprehend a Rumanian band that  had moved into a sugar factory.







Translation by Hermann Feuer















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