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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 191


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

April 10, 1942

77 copies




Einsatzgruppe A



Separate Reports:

From Lithuania


Within the framework of the Security Police actions, the following arrests were made in the period February 16, to March 21, 1942.




In Kaunas - 9 Communists, 37 Jews, 4 Poles, 11 Saboteurs.  Total: 61


In Vilnius - 94 Communists, 24 Jews, 192 Poles, 9 counter-intelligence agents and saboteurs Total: 319


In Siauliai - 21 Communists, 3 Jews, Total: 24

Total arrested: 404


The following were shot:


In Kaunas - 38 terrorists (among them 7 women), 6 spies, (among them 1 woman), 18 NKVD agents and professional criminals (among them 1 Catholic priest), 19 active Communists (among them 12 Russian and 1 Polish farmer), 1 Russian prisoner of war, 24 Jews (among them 1 Jewess), Total: 106


In Siauliai - 2 Russian prisoners of war hanged, 1 Russian peasant (active Communist). Total: 3


In Vilnius - 23 active Communists (among them24 women),73 Jews (among them 23 women and 2 children), 14 Poles (resistance movement), 20 Poles (forgers of passports and others, among them 4 women), 7 spies. Total: 137


Einsatzgruppe C



Situation and mood in the Ukraine, and the western Ukraine


As always, the Jews constitute the busiest and most active part of the population in the General District -Volhynia/Podolia and in the localities from where they have as yet not been resettled. Not only trade, but handicrafts are controlled by them.

So far in Volhynia/Podolia, 40,000 Jews have been resettled. The Jews in the town are at present concentrated in so-called Jewish quarters which are, however, not completely isolated. Therefore, a very active black market flourished in the Jewish quarter: peasants who came to town exchange clothing and household articles for agricultural products. This nuisance was eliminated through strict police measures. The Jews are servile and subjugated to German officers. Most of them are, for the time being, indispensable as skilled workers, and craftsmen.


The present mood of the Jews which is, of course, not at all identical with their submissive and servile behavior, is best characterized by the following remark made by a Jew: "It would be enough for us if the Bolshevik regime would return even for two hours so that we could take revenge for what is done to us."


The Jews have disappeared from Kharkov ever since they were removed. Nevertheless, there are still some Jews in hiding in the rural districts as well as in town. This occurred with the help of the Ukrainians who, after adequate indoctrination, have recognized the destructive nature of the Jews. They have reported Jews in hiding, or families who housed them. With a few exception, the attitude of the population of Kharkov to the Jews is absolutely negative.


Resistance movements


There are no indications of the remains of an organized Bolshevik organization in the General District Volhynia/Podolia. However there are  individual members and agents of the NKVD all over, who engage in whisper campaigns and seditious activities. In some cases, Jews were also caught for spreading biased reports.







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