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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 66





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,
August, 28 1941

48 Copies
(36th copy)

Einsatzgruppe for Special Duties

Reports: Activity report in the former Polish-Russian areas.


2,117 people were liquidated as follows: by Einsatzkommando Lvov, 1,154; Brest-Litiovsk 769; and Bialystok 194. Almost 3,000 people were arrested. The Communists continue their illegal work in full strength. The spread of rumors and the dropping of leaflets by Russian aircraft continue.

On August 15, 1941 a large ammunition depot, formerly Russian, exploded not far from Lvov apparently as an act of sabotage. Communists want to delay additional sabotage acts until after the harvest has been brought in. In Klusk near Kovel, 45 full barns burned down on the night of August 15-16, 1941.


It is very easy to supply the numerous bands with weapons as military installations are unguarded. The Jews continue to be extremely hostile and commit acts of sabotage leaving poor morale.

Members of the 10th Hungarian Hunter Battalion  have expelled more than 1,000 Hungarian Jews over the Dniester to Galicia. Einsatzunit Tarnopol promptly sent them back. Members of the same Hungarian unit tore down the Ukrainian flags, threw stones into the windows of Ukrainian priests, and entertained  themselves with the Polish clergy. The dissolution of the Ukrainian militia is going in everywhere to the satisfaction of the greater part of the population.

Activity of the Bandera supporters increases. An inscription on the cooperative store building in Klusk near Kovel demanded the removal of the "foreign government" and the return of Stefan Bandera.

The popular proclamation of the Ukrainian state was to be read in public in Luboml.


Functionaries coming from the General Gouvernment especially solicit the young people to join the Polish resistance movement.









Translation by Hermann Feuer

















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