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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 186


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

March 20, 1942

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51st copy


Einsatzgruppe A



Mood and behavior of the population

Further large-scale actions against Jews, for instance, in Rakov and Cherven (15,000 Jews were shot in Cherven) caused insecurity, even some anxiety among the Byelorussian population, whose educated circles remarked that they are not used to such actions since the time of the Soviets and [worried] that there might be unforeseen consequences to such measures.

Einsatzgruppe B

Location: Smolensk

Fight against partisans

On March 8, 1942, at a meeting in the office of the commander of the Rear Army Group Area Center, a large-scale action was discussed, to be carried out by the German Army in the area around Bobruisk and Bryansk.

The commander, General von Schenkendorff, expressed his gratitude to Einsatzgruppe B for their Security Police and Security Service activity. He remarked that the Army would not have been able to act successfully without their cooperation. He pointed out that the Security Police and Security Service were indispensable to the Army because of their experience gained in the campaign in the east.


He added that he expected the officers participating in the meeting (commanders of Divisions Ia, Ib, etc.) to work in closest contact with the Security Police forces and the Security Police, particularly in the planned action.

























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