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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 131


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

November 10, 1941

55 copies

51st copy

Einsatzgruppen A


Location: Krasnodgvardeisk


Executive Operations



1) Arrested were: 45 Communist officials or members of Communist organizations; 5 Jews; 3 persons who had contact with Russian prisoners-of-war; 22 escaped prisoners-of-war.

2) Several scattered Red Guards were seen on October 13, 1941, in Tukum county, who had reached the coast of Kurland in boats from Ǒsel. Energetic searches carried out together with the Auxiliary Police and the Volunteer Police Reserve made it possible to capture the fifteen Red Guards. One Red Guard who wanted to avoid arrest by escaping was shot.

3) The Jew Max Wulfson was arrested in his apartment in Riga on October 20, 1941. He is suspected of being the liaison man of the teacher Karl Bühndorff who had emigrated from Germany in 1933 and was associated with Soviet-Russian and English agents. Bühndorff himself was arrested on March 27, 1941, by officials of the NKVD. Nothing could be established so far about his whereabouts. It is likely that he was deported to Russia.




During the period of October 18-24, 1941, the following executions took place:


  • Riga            115 Communists, 6 Jews

  • Volmar         56 Communists, 15 Jews

  • Libau            13 Communists, 15 Jews

The estimated total in the area of Einsatzkommando 2, therefore, amounts to 31,598.


a) Volmar: During the week under survey, the files of persons arrested by the Latvian Auxiliary Police were examined. On October 23, 1941, the following executions took place:

  • Wenden .............. 9 Communists, 3  Jews

  • Volmar ...............12 Communists, 0 Jews

  • Valk ...................15 Communists, 0 Jews

  • Smilton ............... 7 Communists,  0 Jews

  • Marienburg .........12 Communists, 0 Jews

       Toltal: ....................55 Communists, 13 Jews


With the exception of Madon, it will not be necessary to carry out any further executions in this area.


b) Libau In the period under review, 15 members of Communist organizations have been arrested in Libau and in the surrounding rural districts. The Libau prisons at present contain 693 political prisoners. Searches and checks have been carried out in 14 localities. In Libau, four juveniles were arrested who tried to form an illegal group They were former members of the Red Pioneers.

They intended to get hold of arms in order to organize partisan warfare against the German Army either in case of a possible Russian return or a revolution which they were expecting to take place in Germany. Investigations have not yet been conclud- ed. borne of the perpetrators confessed.


When one Libau Jew was arrested, a quantity of strychnine sufficient to poison 1,000 people was found in his apartment. The poison had been for some time in the hands of the Jew in question. His statement concerning its origin can- not be believed. He will be executed. Two Latvians were arrested in the act of looting Jewish apartments having identified themselves as German Security Police men. Both were executed. As looting is becoming too common of late the execution of the two Latvians was publicized in the local newspapers.


At present, investigations are in progress concerning the ambush- mg of a naval orderly. Suspicion is centering more and more upon certain persons. It is to be expected that the investigations will be successful. During the period under survey, 30 persons, 18 Jews and 12 Communists, were executed.








Translations by Hermann Feuer












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