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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 195


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

April 24, 1942

75 copies


51st copy


Einsatzgruppe A


General situation & mood.

The major activities of the Latvian people are:

  1. The fight against the Red Army and partisans in Latvia.

  2. Removal of Jews and freemasons.

  3. The positive outcome of the recruiting action for the Riechsarbeitsdienst.

  4. The extremely successful result of the collection of winter clothes for the front.

  5. The enlistment of volunteers for the police forces.

  6. Teaching the Latvians to understand National-Socialism and to recognize the task of the German people as renewers of Europe.

Institute for Anti-Semitism


The Latvian Institute for Anti-Semitism, together with the Propaganda department of the General Commissariat, is preparing an anti-Bolshevik exhibition to take place in Riga on July 1, 1942. The director-general for education, Celms, who has repeatedly tried to sabotage the Institute for Anti-Semitism, has entrusted Professor Schwalbe with the production of a similar exhibition to take place May 1. Celms, as well as Schwalbe, is known all over Latvia to be veteran Ulmanis followers. Celms has participated in aimed at the cultural life of the German ethnic minority. Professor Schwalbe used to try through pseudo-scientific papers to lower the value of German cultural work in the Baltic states.


Situation of Security Police work


1.) Arrests


The following were arrested:  83 people for Communist activities, 4 escaped Russian prisoners of war, 4 people for communicating with prisoners of war, 3 people for listening to transmissions of foreign countries, 5 Jews, among them three for theft during the collection of wool and fur clothing, 2 Jews for living outside the ghetto without permission, 1 suspected spy.


Total: 100 persons


In Daugavpils, seven Communists who took part in the shooting of German pilots after they had made a forced landing in the summer of 1941 were executed, as well as two sick Jews who were no longer fit for work.




Within the period of this report, a total of 1,272 people were executed, 983 of them Jews with infectious diseases or who were so old and infirm that they were no longer fit for work, 71 Gypsies, 204 Communists, an 14 more Jews who were guilty of different offenses and crimes.

























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