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Einsatzgruppen Operational Situational Reports 

[ OSR's #8 - #195 ]








Operational Situation Report USSR No. 120


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

October 21, 1941

30 copies
18th copy

Political Survey


Occupied Territories: Serbia


Extraordinary Occurrences


Until the installation of the authorized commanding general in Serbia, ruthless action by the troops was bound to fail because of the lack of adequate and unequivocal orders. Then an entirely clear line of action was established as the command of General B.


According to this [policy], for each German soldier shot 100 Serbians are to be executed, and for each German soldier wounded, 50 Serbians. Based on that formula for an attack on the escorting train near Topols when 22 German soldiers lost their lives. 1,738 inhabitants and 19 Communist women from Kraljovo were executed for the men who fell in the battle of Kraljovo.


Military Events


Two villages near the Strymen estuary that were proved to have given support to partisan bands were burnt down. 202 male inhabitant were shot. At the time of the burning, ammunition and also some explosive material exploded in all of the homes.


Telephone cable "Athens-Saloniki" cut.







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