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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 34





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,

July 26, 1941

41 copies
(29th copy)

Einsatzgruppe B:

Location: Orsha


Einsatzkommando 9 is in Vileyka and Molodencho, though a rear Kommando is still in Vilnius. Einsatzkommando 8 is in Minsk, with detachments in Borisov and Slutsk. Detachment Bonifer has taken over the task of the security police in Baranoviche since July 24, 1941.
Sonder Kommando 7 reports from Vitebsk:

Before the occupation there was a commissar for public health at Vitebsk; subordinated to him were the managers of the health insurance offices, mostly Jews. The newly appointed physician, Dr. Muraschki, states that prior to this there were 200 physicians; at present only 40 among them are Jews. There are four hospitals, four clinics, and a medical college. Clinics formerly did not take in sick persons. The army took over 3 hospitals.


The municipality now has its hospital with 40 beds, a medical college with 500 beds, and clinics. The chief of the clinics, Dr. Kuprevyev, is an optometrist. Allegedly epidemics have not occurred recently. The most frequent diseases are tuberculosis and typhus. For tuberculosis, one hospital with 40 beds available is presently occupied by 12 patients.

The sewer system is still operating and relatively intact. Waterworks are partly in operation again. Water supply locations are installed within the city; water, however, must be boiled. So far, about 3000 Jews are registered by the appointed Jewish Council. Badges for Jews introduced. At present they are being employed with clearing rubble. For deterrence 27 Jews who had not come to work were publicly shot in the streets.







Translation by Hermann Feuer

















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