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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 136


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

November 21, 1941

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5st copy

Einsatzgruppen A


The advance unit of Einsatzgruppe A continued their security measures and activities as security police.

As a result of an investigation in the area around Krasnoye Selo, which took place from October 18 to 28, 1941, 70 suspicious persons were arrested and thoroughly interrogated. Seven persons were convicted of being members of partisan groups and of the Communist Party, as well as for participating in acts of sabotage. They confessed and were executed. The remainder of the arrested persons was released. The provisional mayor appointed by the local military commander in Krasnoye Selo and some of his assistants were objectionable from a political point of view. With the agreement of the local military commander, they were discharged and the two of them were executed, since they had previously been active in the Communist Party, In all, 118 persons were executed in the period October 24 to November 5, 1941, 31 of these because of their activities as agents.



Einsatzgruppen D


Location: Simferopol

General remarks

The Kommandos of Einsatzgruppe D are proceeding in two main directions, Two commandos are proceeding via Taganrog, Rostov, and Stalino in the direction of the northern Caucasus. Two Kommandos are assigned to the Crimea. As far as the kommando is concerned proceeding in the direction of the northern Caucasus, the Jewish problem has been solved. The cities of Mariupol and Taganrog are free from Jews. In the cities of the Crimea, actions are in preparation.

In Mariupol, 60 persons who were active Communists were liquidated. 26 corpses of men who had been killed by the NKVD were exhumed, made available for an inquest, and publicly buried.

In Taganrog, it was learned that plans had been made to set up communications with the Reds with carrier-pigeons. In Taganrog, 20 Communist officials were liquidated. Ten of them were shot publicly in accordance with martial law.


















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