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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 173


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

February 25th, 1942

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Einsatzgruppe A

Location: Krasnogvardeisk

In the course of a routine Security Police screening of an additional part of the civilian population around Leningrad, 140 more people had to be shot. The reasons for this were as follows:

               a) Active participation in the Communist Party before the arrival of the German troops
               b) Seditious and provocative activity since the arrival of the German Army
               c) Partisan activity
               d) Espionage
               e) Belonging to the Jewish race.

Einsatzgruppe C

Location: Kiev

During the period January 14 to February 12, 1942, 861 people were shot by order of the Summary Court by Sonderkommando 4b. Of this number, 649 were political officials, 52 saboteurs and partisans, and 139 Jews.

The number of Summary Court shootings carried out by Einsatzkommando 5 during the period January 12 to January 24, 1942 totaled 104 political officials, 75 saboteurs and looters, and about 8,000 Jews. In the past weeks, Einsatzkommando 6 shot 173 political officials, 56 saboteurs and looters, and 149 Jews.

In Dniepropetrovsk particular importance has recently been attached to combating the numerous habitual criminals. On February 14, 1942, it was possible, in collaboration with the Ukrainian militia, to arrest 25 capital offenders, some of whom were escaped prisoners. Among those arrested were two of the main perpetrators of a mass murder, and a document forger who was particularly skilled in the art of making German and Ukrainian official seals.

During the period January 10 to February 6, 1942, in Dniepropetrovsk, 17 habitual criminals, 103 Communist officials, 16 partisans, and about 350 Jews were shot by order of the Summary Court.

In addition, 400 inmates of the Igrin mental hospital and 320 inmates of the Vasilkova mental hospital were disposed of.















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