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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 14


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

July 6, 1941

30 copies
16th copy

Einsatzgruppe A

Tilsit was used as base for three major cleansing actions, as follows:

in Garsden: 201 persons were shot.
in Krottingen: 214 persons were shot
in Polangen: 111 persons were shot

In Garsden the Jewish population had supported the Russian border guards repulsing the German attack.
In Krottingen, on the night of the occupation, a [German] officer and two quartermasters were treacherously shot by the population.

In Polangen, on the day of the occupation, another officer was treacherously shot by the population.

In all of these 3 major operations mainly Jews were liquidated. However, there were also Bolshevik officials and snipers among them who were handed over by the Wehrmacht to the security police.

EK 1b
Location: Kaunas

Public feelings among the Lithuanians in Kaunas are good and are pro-German. The Lithuanian population does not agree with the self-proclaimed Lithuanian government under Colonel Skirpa. The government is defined as a group of the army who has vested interests, first of all to take advantage of the presently unclear conditions, and to gain material profits. Former Lithuanian parties have already attempted to make contacts.


The Roman Catholic Bishop Brizguys, who holds an influential position in Lithuanian circles, was won over. He maintains a close relationship with General Rastikis. The followers of Woldemaras are starting to be somewhat active. Basically they reject General Rastikis, because he is close to Christian-Democratic circles. They strive only for a limited Lithuanian independence, i.e., they want only cultural and economic freedom and are ready to leave foreign politics to the Greater German Reich. General Rastikis will immediately dissolve the temporary Lithuanian government.

Partisans in Kaunas and its surroundings have been disarmed on June 28 by order of the German Feldkommandatur. An auxillary police force consisting of 5 companies has been created from reliable partisans. Two of these companies were subordinated to the Einsatzkommando. Of these, one company guards the Jewish concentration camp. In the meantime, In Kaunas, Fort VII has been established where executions are carried out. The other company, with the agreement of the Field Commander of the Einsatzkommando, is to be employed for regular police tasks.

In Kaunas reserves of meat and flour will last for 6 more weeks. Fort VII in Kaunas will be organized as a Jewish concentration camp with two sections:

1. male Jews
2. female Jews and children.
Presently about 1,500 Jews are kept in the fort. Guard duty is performed by Lithuanian guard formations. In the central prisons there are:

1860 Jews
214 Lithuanians
134 Russians
1 Latvian
16 Poles
Another concentration camp for Jews is planned for in Fort IX - Kaunas.

Einsatzgruppe B

Location: Lvov
It was established that in Lvov the Russians left behind about 12 agents, their task to sabotage bridges, etc. 2 agents who had cut Wehrmacht cables have been arrested.

EK 4a
Location Lutsk
Also active with the advanced units in the area of Lutsk. 2,000 shootings, reprisals for the murder of Ukrainians. Archives have been secured. In Brody, 50 - 60 steel cabinets with GPU material were secured.

Ek 4b
Location: Tarnopol
In Tarnopol 5,000 Ukrainians were taken away, and 2,000 murdered [by the Soviets]. In retaliation, arrest of Jewish intelligentsia has begun, since they are responsible for the murders and have also acted as informers for the NKVD. The number is estimated at 1,000. On July 5, about 70 Jews were assembled by the Ukrainian and finished off with concentrated fire [machine gunned]. 20 more Jews slain in the streets by Ukrainians and soldiers as retaliation for the murder of 3 soldiers who were found in prison, tied, their tongues sliced and eyes gouged out. The German Army demonstrates a gratifyingly good attitude towards Jews. Zlochev was searched for agents and archives.

Einsatzgruppe C

Location so far: Slonim, on the road to Minsk.








Translations by Hermann Feuer






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