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Einsatzgruppen Operational Situational Reports 

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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 149


The Chief of the Security Police and the SD Berlin,

December 22, 1941


51st copy


Einsatzgruppen B

Location: Smolensk


Special actions

In the course of a thorough examination in the prisoner-of-war camp in Vitebsk, 207 prisoners were apprehended and shot.

More special actions had to be carried out in Sloboda, Polotsk, Bychitsa, and Biskatovo, since the Jews sabotaged the orders of the German occupying authorities. A total of 286 Jews were shot.

The ghetto in Gorodok had to be evacuated as there was a danger of an outbreak of epidemics. 394 Jews were shot.

During an examination of the prisoner-of-war camp in Vyazma, a total of 177 Jews were caught and shot.

Einsatzgruppe D

Location: Simferopol

Jews [in Yerpatoria]

After a Jewish Council was set up, the Jews were registered; 750 persons were counted; they were concentrated [into ghettos] on November 21, 1941. In connection with the action against the Jews, six localities and several kolkhozes are to be searched in the environs of Yevpatoria where a few Jewish families are still living.







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