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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 63





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,
August 25, 1941

48 Copies
(36th copy)

Einsatzgruppen C

Location: Novo-Ukrainka

On August 16, 1941 Einsatzkommando 6 of SIPO and the SD were located near Novo-Ukrainka. While purging the area, the Einsatzkommando group encountered a suspicious looking civilian who escaped and was pursued. In the course of that pursuit, members of the EK-6-SS Stubf, von Kuskull, SS-O-Scharf. Werner Schulz, SS-Scharfuhrer Schwarz became involved in a shooting incident with none hidden Soviet Officers. SS-O-Scharf fell in that battle.


Five of the Soviet officers were killed. Lieutenant-General Sokolov, the commander of the XV1 Soviet armored corps, was among the Soviet Officers. S. was severely wounded in the course of the fight and was made prisoner after the other officers were killed.


Einsatzgruppen D


Location: Ananyev


The solution of the Jewish question, one of the most important problems, has already been tackled, though only in a hesitant manner. Before the war, there were some 60 to 80,000 Jews in Kishniev.


Many of them left the area when the Russian forces withdrew. When the city was occupied there were approximately 4,000 Jews as some of them had returned.


On the initiative of the Einsatzkommando the Rumanian town commander established a Jewish ghetto in the old part of the city and this ghetto hold some 9,000 Jews at present.


The Jews are divided into labor groups and put at the disposal of the various German and Rumanian offices for street cleaning and other work.

















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