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Operational Situation Report USSR No. 78





The Chief of the Security Police and the SD, Berlin,
September 9, 1941

48 copies
(46th copy)



Situation report in former Russian-Poland

Ethnic groups:


1,308 more persons were liquidated, 760 by Einsatzkommando Lvov and 548 by [EK] Brest-Litovsk. Approximately 700 persons were arrested. Distribution of Soviet Russian pamphlets has somewhat diminished at the time of this report. Only in the area of Lutsk, larger amounts were still seized in some villages.


Pamphlets of more recent date were not found any more. Six Russian parachutists landed east of Pinsk. Searches for them so far are without result. Parachutists were dropped in the area of Kremenets, most of them were seized and liquidated by the local security division. So far, no sabotage acts have been committed.


The Polish resistance movement has become more evident in the area of Brest where there is strong propaganda for General Sikorski. No arrests have been effected, so as not to interfere with further investigations. Ukrainian bands have appeared lately in the neighborhood of Pinsk. However, they were driven out by the local police.















Translation by Hermann Feuer






















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